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Composite & Wire Machinery
490 Old Baptist Road
No. Kingstown, RI
02852, U.S.A.
Tel: 401-884-4760
Fax: 401-885-2499

  Product Lines


  Braiding Equipment
Standard Harness Braider
  Harness Braider with New Design Drive
  Hose or Electrical Cable Braiders
  Composite and Horizontal Braiders
  Ancillary Equipment
  Bobbin Winder
  Other Products
  Nylon Bobbins & Nylon Cop Holders
  Carriers (both Textile & Wire)
Carrier Springs, Eyes, Etc.
  Miscellaneous Spare Parts

Carrier & Carrier Parts

Carrier & Carrier Parts

Carrier & Carrier Parts

1.) Nylon Cop Holder

2 .) Nylon Wire Bobbin

3 .) #2BX-1 Carrier

4 .) #2BX-2 Carrier for Fine Wire with Wheel Guides

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